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Gilder was once a prosperous province of Ankh. They traded silver and fur to Ankh for rare foods. All was good. Until the pirates came in. Beatrix Dregg and her band of Pirates, the Drakesmen. After them, the Brigands came along, and the streets were alight with fire, and the air resounded with the sound and smell of black powder.

Aidrian Blaine did his best to bring the town to order, but all was lost when the undead from the Nanai Wastes broke through the gates, and started ravaging the town. Wave after wave of undead came crawling through the streets. Aidrain fled, and created a haven, Helm’s Haven is what he called it. The town was left to the pirates, the Brigands had long since fled.

Finally the undead attacks have subsided, save from a few wandering zombies. But now the Drakesmen face a bigger threat, the armies of Ankh. The regent, Sage Antoine, is on the war path, and he’s coming to reclaim his province from the bloodthirsty pirates.

Beatrix needs more supplies, but the only place to get what she needs, is Zimmalia, a port far west of Gilder, and she can’t afford to leave.

So it’s up to Luke Felard, leader of a special group of the Drakesmen, the Drunken Corsairs, and Bella Donna, a powerfull wizard, to travel to Zimmalia, and gain the supplies needed, before all is lost.

Home Page

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