Bombs for Beatrix

Session one - Summary by Luke

I was summoned to a meeting with Beatrix Dregg, Commodore of the Drakesmen. She didn’t ask me, but commanded me to go to Zimalia. Gilder is in disarray and is in need of supplies. I managed to convince Beatrix to give me extra gold, and a few crewmembers, and was also able to snatch the “Collar of Recovery” from her office.

Setting sail, it took a few weeks before any trouble was heard, and a pirate ship attempted to board the Odessa. With the aid of a very angry Reynaldo, and the crew Beatrix gave him, I was able to sink the ship while holding off wave upon wave upon wave of swashbucklers.

We arrived in Zimalia where we met a goblin at the docks. He wanted 5 gold pieces but Luke paid him 25s for the night, then he headed off to the Broken Sword to get more men, as most of his had died, and ended up buying a keg of “Courage”. He then headed to the Labrynth in search of the teeth of a large creature in order to make some money. He started the lie that he worked for Zim, and convinced the bartender and the inn keeper that he was after a troll who had wronged Zim. They pointed him to the room of the largest troll which he robbed before nearly extracting his tooth while he slept, and then finally getting frustrated and blowing his brains out. He managed to extract two very large teeth, and shaved off 10 pounds of troll meat.

He headed to a Grist Mill where he sold the meat for a mere 60g, apparently getting conned by the gnolls that he sold it too.

He then headed back to the broken sword to find a poster with the prices for the teeth. He then headed to Caladas to visit the Goblin Market. He bantered a bit with a goblin merchant, interested in some gloves, but he didn’t buy them in the end. Before approaching a dwarf in a nearby stall, and sold the teeth to him for 130g each, and also stole a “gold statuette” from the merchant. And then convinced him that he worked for Zim, and that he would except the “Amulet of Aranea” as a lifetime protection payment. And formulated a plan to get out of any situation that should arise, before heading back to the ship, where he rested for the night.

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